Montz' Newsletter 2002-2005

Matsumoto Montz' Japan Tour 2004
     Matsumoto Montz held live concerts in 10 places in Shiga, Kyoto, Osaka, Okayama, Kagawa and Ehime pref. from December 4th to 29th.  We thank you for your coming!

Dec. 11 at Adobe (Katano, Osaka)

Dec. 12 at Uzura Gallery (Kyoto), Matsumoto Montz Banjo Workshop
Dec. 12 at Honen-in Temple (Kyoto)

Dec. 17 at Cafe de Moe (Kasaoka, Okayama)
Dec.18 at Jalan Bali (Shikoku Chuoo, Ehime)

Dec. 19 at Keystone (Toyonaka, Kagawa)

Dec. 23 at Jittoku (Kyoto)

Montz with Fukuda Nobu@ Montz in the folk festival "Folk, Rhytum, Life"
     You can find some Montz' photos.
May 23, 2002

    Uzura Music re-released his first album, "Forgotten Scent".  Remasterd, new cover.  About the album, click the CD cover on the right.

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