New Hormones Discography

Org1 01/77 Buzzcocks Spiral Scratch EP
Org2 12/77 Linder/Savage The Secret Public (A3 Collage)
Org3 03/80 The Tiller Boys Big Noise From The Jungle (7" EP)
Org4 03/80 Ludus The Visit (12")
Org5 07/80 The Decorators Twilight View(7")
Org6 09/80 Eric Random That's What I Like About Me(12")
Org7 07/81 Dislocation Dance Perfectly In Control(7" EP)
Org8 07/81 Ludus My Cherry Is In Shelly/Anatomy Is Not Destiny
Org9 07/81 Diagram Brothers Bricks/Postal Bargains(7")
Org10 07/81 Dislocation Dance Slip That Disc(12")
Org11 05/81 Eric Random Dow Chemical Co./Skin Deep(7")
Org12 07/81 Ludus Mother's Hour/Patient(7")
Org14 07/81 God's Gift God's Gift(12" EP)
Org15 07/81 Dislocation Dance Music,Music,Music(LP)
Org16 09/81 Ludus The Seduction(2×12" LP)
Org17 11/81 Diagram Brothers Some Marvels Of Modern Science(LP)
Org18 03/82 Eric Random Earth Bound(LP)
Org19 06/82 Dislocation Dance Rosemary/Shake(7")
Org20 09/82 Ludus Danger Came Smiling(LP)
Org21 07/82 Diagram Brothers Discordo(10" EP)
Org22 10/82 Dislocation Dance You'll Never Know/You Can Tell(7")
Org25 10/82 God's Gift Discipline/Then Calm Again(7")
Org30 10/82 Albertos Y Los Cruising With Santa(7")

Limited edition cassettes

Cat 1 07/81 Ludus Pickpocket
Cat 2 08/91 C.P.Lee Mystery Guild Radio Sweat
Cat 3 09/81 Biting Tongues Live It


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