UZURA GALLERY is in an old machiya house in the heart of  Kyoto.  The room was designed
in the modern style during the World War 2 (1940) by America-ya.  We hold exhibitions, concerts and meetings at the gallery.
58 Benkeiishi-cho (Sanjo Teramachi Nishiiru) Kyoto 604-8082 Japan  GoogleMaps
  • 1 min.walk from a big crab sign at Sanjo Teramachi crossing
  • 5 min. walk from Subway Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae Station
  • 7 min. walk from Keihan Sanjo Station or Subway Sanjo Keihan Station
  • 9 min. walk from Hankyu Kawaramachi Station
We have no car parking, but there are some near by.  Please bring your bike or motor bike into the house and not to park on the street.

Phone 070-5500-1011

EVENT SCHEDULE@* Click pictures to enlarge.
Dream Castle Concert
Feb. 23 (Sat) 2:00  2,000 yen  Reservation: 070-5500-1011 or email
   A new group formed by ISAURO (quena, charango, antara) and MASAKI Yoshihisa (guitar)!  They will play cross-over music based on Andez music.  Guest: FUJII Akihiro (perc)
KO'OLUA - Hawaiian Music Concert
Mar. 17 (Sun) 2:00  2,500 yen Reservation recommended  070-5500-1011 or email us
   KO'OLUA, is a Hawaiian music duo, formed by two Japanese musicians, Marty (slack-key guitar & vocal) and Noliko (ukulele & vocal).  Feel Hawaiian breeze!
Saz - Turkish Music Concert
Mar. 23 (Sat) 7:00  2,000 yen  Reservation: 070-5500-1011 or email
   Saz is a Turkish musical instrument.  Fuji, a Japanese saz player, will play it and talk about his experiences in Turkey. 
TAMAZUSA Japanese Traditional Music Concert
Mar. 30 (Sat) 2:00  2,000 yen  Reservation: 070-5500-1011 or email
   TAMAZUSA is a unit formed by WATANABE Shizuko (koto) and OE Takeshi (shakuhachi).  They will play from traditional songs to modern ones.  
Slack Key Guitar Workshop
Apr. 17 (Wed) 7:00  2,500 yen  Reservation: 070-5500-1011 or email
   "Slack key guitar" is the name of a kind of guitar-playing method of Hawaii. The unique and attractive sound of slack key guitar makes people's heart soothe and soften.  According to the history, its birth is older than the ones of ukulele and steel-guitar. And the legacy of that music style has been inherited by the local people, not by the professional musicians, in Hawaii.  The workshop for 60min and the live-music for 30min by the facilitator (lecturer), Slack-Key MARTY.  Bring your guitar to enjoy together if you have, please! (type of guitar doesn't matter)  Open to Beginners!
Kitramura Ken - Happy Earth Day Conccert
Apr. 22 (Mon) 7:00  Adv. 2,500 yen / Door 3,000 yen  Reservation: 070-5500-1011 or email
   April 22 is The Earth Day and KITAMURA Ken's birthday.  He is one of the pioneers of folksong scene in Kyoto since 1970's.  Let's celebrate the day with his songs!
Sitar + Piano = Mahara-jazz
Jun. 23 (Sun) 6:00  Adv. 2,000 yen (2 persons: 3,000 yen) / Door 2,500 yen  (2 persons: 3,500 yen)  Reservation: 070-5500-1011 or email
   Very unique combination by the Indian instrument, sitar and jazz piano.  TANAKA Minehiko and UMEDA Nozomi.

Kitramura Ken - Japanese Good Ol' Song Conccert
not confirmed yet (Sat) 7:00  2,000 yen  Reservation: 070-5500-1011 or email
KITAMURA Ken is one of the pioneers of folksong scene in Kyoto since 1970's.  He will sing "dohyoh", Japanese good old songs with his banjo.
Yoshizaki Hiroshi Banjo Music Live - Endless Journey
not confirmed yet (Sun.) 2 p.m.  2000 yen (1,000 yen if you show your student's identification card)  Reservation: 070-5500-1011 or email
    YOSHIZAKI Hiroshi is one of the popular banjo players and a singer songwriters.  Please enjoy his new style banjo music.
ISAURO - Andez Music Concert
   not confirmed yet (Sun)
 2 - 3 p.m. & 4 - 5 p.m.@1000 yen each stage
   Isauro, Japanese playing Andez Music who led Los Aires will hold his solo concert.  He will play the quena, zampogna and so on.

* written in Japanese
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