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Welcome to Shigeboh's Music Warehouse!! This page is the entrance to my tiny original music world.

The meaning of these buttons
red button You can read my Japanese songs with Roman characters, referring to the summaries of them in English.
 And also, I am looking for English native speakers who will write lyrics in English for these songs. If you are interested, why don't you get in touch with me?
blue button The MIDI format files are uploaded.
yellow button The files are uploaded in RealAudio format for narrow band users. If you want to listen to some of the music with higher quality sound, let me know it at the message board.
purple button The MP3 format files are uploaded.
green button I will upload these MP3 format files as soon as restarts its services.

About the use of my music files

 Please do not use any of my music files on your website without permission. At least, I require that you e-mail me in English in advance. Please don't forget to write down your e-mail address and your website URL. If your website is an individual free one, I will usually allow you to use my music for free. It is really wonderful for me that people enjoy my music all over the world!

 And if you are using my music files on your website, please remember to put my handle and the title of the tune on the page of yours, and to link my top page ( ) from yours, like this;
background music: "Vivian" by Shigeboh

 And in addition, please don't link those original music files directly from your pages. You should download them onto your computer once, and upload the copies of them onto your webserver.

 All the pages permitted to use my music files are linked from each of the pages of introduction to the music. If you find any copies of my music being used on other website, or duplicated and sold as CDs, without my permission, please inform me as soon as possible, since there is a possibility of an infringement of copyright. Your support will be helpful to warn or to take legal actions against the person involved. Thank you.

- Instrumental music -
Take off !! blue button
Vivian blue button green button
Kiss Me Sweetly blue button green button
Summer Vacation blue button green button
My Spirit of Adventure blue button green button
For My Sweetheart blue button green button
- Japanese songs -
I say HAPPY Birthday To You red button green button
Out of The Function red button green button
( She's just ) Broken My Heart red button green button
Fall in Love with You Again red button green button
Long Way To You red button green button
Holy Night red button green button
Let Me Stay By Your Side red button blue button
Especially for you red button yellow button
What Can I Do !? red button green button
Take Back Your Paradise red button blue button
Baby, We Love You !! red button
My Dear... red button purple button
My Reason red button purple button
Brand-New Love red button green button
Midnight Dancer red button green button
Kieta Illusion red button
The End of Summer red button green button
Monologue red button
Yasashiku, Amaku red button yellow button
Rainen no Eve (The next Xmas Eve) red button blue button green button
Welcome !! red button green button
Tricolor no NATSU red button green button
My Funny Girl Friend red button
Ososugita Love Song red button yellow button
Let's Have A Poppin' Time !! red button yellow button
First Step red button yellow button
Summer Night Lovers red button
Honey !! red button purple button
I Wanna Hold You red button
Sayonara Itoshi no Lady red button
Last Night red button
Flying-Off !! red button yellow button
Wednesday Visitor
Love Song (Rena)
Futari no Last Scene

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