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Ukulele Trio "Revi-Tetsu" live concert CD on Sale.

Just 1,000yen, please check here.

Reviken U.S.A. live concert CD on Sale.

2003 Jan.13 to 20, I'd played with local musicians and recorded some.
Also just 1,000yen, please ask me details.

Report: Reviken U.S.A.

is now under construction.

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Here I am.
I started to play Ukulele(Uke) in Dec.1999, in tune with G-C-E-A.

I'd already played Pianoforte (Jazz), Synthes (Rock, Reggae and Pops), voices (classical and pops), and Chromatic harmonica (Classical, Jazz, Rock, Blues and some) as a proffesional, but now Ukes are my main inst.(with my voice).
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Link abroads.

Live MP3 (1 Oct.,2008)
Streaming MP3 of my Live Performance.

Let's think together about "C6" (10 Jun.,2004)
Introducing my new Ukulele Trio Revi-Tetsu with some mp3 files. (23 Sep,2001)

Tabs (Christmas,2000)
I started to write tablatures such like this, silent night and godzilla's theme. Please try and tell me how you feel.

And contents will be growing for you, keep on watching please.

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