CD 'Reviken USA' Instruction.

Feb.7, 2003

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Here are 2 sessions, with THE GUITARIST Mr. David Cullen, and with THE BLUES BAND 'Dave Mell Blues Band'.

with Mr. David Cullen
Jan.17, 2003 at Perry's Temple Hotel (Temple, PA)

I did research in Japan, Mr.David Cullen plays classical, Jazz, and everything. I wondered that if he would be a kind of serious guy (of course I'm not so serious).
Although, when we enjoyed play. Place was a restaurant of a hotel. PA was a guitar amp and we used only one microphone.

1. Em vs Cm (intro.)
We've talked about music for 3 minutes before playing, and we understand each other 'what he can do'. We decided to play first Autumn Leaves, then I started in Cm, and Dave san started in Em (:-p)
A Lesson: Just talk about key, when you play.

2. Autumn Leaves
We restarted laughing. This is my first time to play Autumn Leaves in Em, anyway it's just Autumn Leaves, no problem.
And I have a little problem on my chromatic harmonica. It's in Em and my reed for E was broken. You can find my first E is little bit got under, so my improvisation went to high notes. After Dave san's great guitar solo, I used spare harmonica (what a lucky, I had one!), and everything went O.K.
Mr.David Cullen plays his guitar with his 5 long nails of right hand, and you hear bass-line and comping both same time, that's great.
We had no plan for ending (even we didnot had plan of key), and I think it was good ending, that's nice.

3. Ue wo Muite Arukou (Also known as 'Sukiyaki')
I brought a chord score and planned to play in 'sad blues version', but Dave san who didn't know this song (anyway, it's 1963's Billboard's top hit) started in bossa nova, I've never played or heard such playing of this song, that's funny.
In Japan, I ask someone near to play solo part, this time there was no one so I played solo part myself, this was also my first time to play.

4. All of Me
Intro is dominant chord, I find a count, it's by Dave san or Me? I do not remember.
It's very popular song, so we played relaxing and I played also my Ukulele.
We wondered why ending is completed, we did play another counting each other. We didn't understand and was going well, so we're laughing.

5. Misty
I had no good idea and said 'how about very popular Misty?' and we did. We made little mistake with first Autumn Leaves, and we checked key before starting to play. Solo part was by Dave san's indication, my ending brake was same.
Later audiences honoured me by this tune, I don't know why this (of course it's good, I just wonder why this?).

6. Summertime
After small intermission and Dave san's some solo tunes, and we did play a popular tune. You can find that Dave san gave me a little reverb. In the biginning guitar went out, it's because Dave san controlled his amp. for us.
This is also a major song, we did relax. I did not hear that Dave san would sing, Dave san did not hear that I would have a breaking solo.

7. Kimi ni aete Yokatta (It was nice to meet you, words:Jimpei, music:Reviken)
This is my original blues with some bridge. I brought a chord score, and said 'Let's play this'.
I'm sorry, I missed last chorus and ending is cheap, that's because of me.
Anyway, Dave san playes anything in good.

8. Duo Improvisation in C
This time we didn't have any idea to play, and Dave san said 'follow me'. I didnot know this song, is it Dave san's composition? Anyway, if I got confidence?

9. Straight No Chaser
Very fomous blues, we play together as our likes.
By the way, is my theme playing collect?

with Dave Mell Blues Band
Jan.18, 2003 at the California Bar & Grille (Shillington, PA)

Mr.David Cullen said, 'yes, they play loud', it's Dave Mell Blues Band.
Notice, from this track it become loud, because band's sound is loud. I like such, and playing time was 22 to 25pm, it's very American, I love it.
When our first met 5min. before starting, Dave san (Mr.Dave Mell) asked me 'what key?' and I answered 'C, D, E, F, G, A, B, and Bb, Eb, Ab will be good, JUST BLUES?'. Dave san said 'JUST BLUES' and I got relax.

10. Blues
The system was:
  1. I'm in seat and drinking,
  2. Dave san calls me and I get stage and play,
That's all, very simple and clear and easy to sit in, very nice. And Dave san tald me when to get in, thanks a lot.
This was our first tune, I think DMBB wanted to check how I play, so this was medium slow ver. of simple blues. How da ya think about?

11. Kimi ni Aete Yokatta (with Mr. Joe Stoebenau (Harp))
Dave san said that Ukulele sound must be buried under the band sound, and gave me a chance to play solo. I asked Joe san to play bluesharp together.
Of course this was first time for Joe san to play this song and his play was very good, thanks a lot.
Harmonica sound you hear in this track is bluesharp, differ from my chromatic harmonica, mark it in your ears, please.

12. Blues
It became littlebit difficult, it's slow blues starting with sub-dominant. I said Joe san to have obbligato and Joe san said 'do it', so I did.

13. Blues
It's getting little more difficult, starting in sub-dominant with some bridge.
First solo was by Dave san, I think Dave san gave me a guide because this song has different changes in solos and sings.
Next is drunken solo by me, and next is burning Joe san's solo.
This time I did not count any musical sequences, just played with the band, that's funny.
In membership announce, I found my name, thanks Dave san.

14. Blues
It's getting little more more difficult, with bridge, brake, and one chord playing and audiences got to stage. Music will be died when the player doesn't play at brake, I got a trust from band? Thanks.
Song was maybe 'I got MOJO Workin', I don't know what it means.
At the end, Me and Joe san talked 'Me high, You low' and I blow high D.

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