Announcement about the 34th meeting
of the Society for Music Theory of Japan
(12th May 2019)

Dear friends,

We are writing this e-mail to you to let you know about the  upcoming 34th meeting of the Society for Music Theory of Japan.

Please find the program of the meeting below.
At the beginning, Mr. Endo will present his legendary report again about “Jeux d’eau” by Maurice Ravel, which was previously presented in May 2003. After 16 years, the report will include more details and will take 90 minutes instead of 40 minutes.

After that, in continuation of the previous meeting, Mr. Tani will speak about the lyrics of Franz Schubert’s song cycle “Winterreise”. He will explain how some changes in the order of songs in Wilhelm Müller’s 1st edition, 2nd edition, Schubert’s edition resulted in significant differences in the narrative. The main focus is put on the 17th song “Im Dorfe”.

Finally, we will listen to an analysis of Billy Joel’s music, conducted by Mrs. Uno, who is going to make a speech at our meeting for the first time. It will be a thorough analysis of the harmony and texture of one of his works.


By the way, we are ready to share the program of the meeting of our Society in October.
Please find it below.

In the first part of the meeting we will listen to an analysis of "Prélude et fugue en sol mineur" (1948, Japan Music competition award) by Ms. Iwakawa. Professor Yuzuru Shimaoka wrote this piece of music at the age of 22. Today he is known as the Chairman of our Society, who has taken Japanese music theory to the international level. This piece of music was rearranged for orchestra by Mr. Hayashi Tatsuya after he discovered an arrangement for two pianos. It was performed last year, 70 years after this composition was written. Many people were fascinated by the completeness and romantic nature of this piece of music. On the day of the meeting we are going to play a recording of that performance.

After that, we will announce the collaboration between Mr. Kawamoto and me, Mikami, which will be renewed the joint analysis of “Tarcus” in 2012. Although we have not chosen a piece of music for analysis yet, we intend to analyze popular music from two points of view: American theory of music and the theory of Professor Shimaoka. We hope that it will result in a comprehensive discussion.

We are looking forward to your active participation!


The Society for Music Theory of Japan
34th biannual meeting

Date and time: 12th of May 2019 (Sunday), 13:30-17:50 (open from 13:10)
Venue: Kunitachi College of Music, AI Studio (the South exit of Kunitachi station on the JR Chuo line, B1F of the kindergarten attached to Kunitachi college of Music)
186-0005 Tokyo, Kunitachi-shi, Naka 1-8-25
Tel: 0402-563-5633
Participation fee: general \2000 / student \1000
You a free to come any time. Anyone is welcome to join!
Party: participation fee \2000, start at 18 o’clock, “Rojina-Sabou”

****** Program ******
1. Endo Shin-ichi. “Analysis of Ravel’s “Jeux d’eau”
Presentation time: 90 minutes, 13:30-15:00
Q&A: 20 minutes, 15:00-15:20

15:20-15:40 Short announcement & break (20 minutes)

2. Tani Kazuaki. “Position and meaning of "Im Dorfe" in a song cycle "Wiinterreise". Focusing on the difference between Müller and Schubert”
Performance: Ogawa Emi (our exclusive singer, soprano), Mikami Jun (piano)
Presentation time: 40 minutes, 15:40-16:20 
Q&A: 20 minutes, 16:20-16:40

3. Uno Tomoko, Harmony and texture in Billy Joel's "Just the way you are"
Presentation time: 40 minutes, 16:40-17:20
Q&A: 20 minutes, 17:20-17:40


Information about our future meetings (we are looking for speakers!)

(Caution: time and contents of the meetings may be changed. Please check our website)

35th meeting, 6th of October (Sun) 13:30-18:00

1. Iwakawa Tomoko. “Analysis of Yuzuru Shimaoka's "Prélude et fugue en sol mineur"

2. Collaboration announcement (Kawamoto Akitsugu + Mikami Jun). Analysis of popular music. American music theory vs. Shimaoka theory.

36th meeting, 17th of May 2020 (Sun) 13:30-18:00
Details will be announced later.


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