citrus' 7" (Vinyl Japan, PAD10, 1993)
1. no milk
2. wan light
1. mad about everwhite
2. you are the girl like that
let's split (Vinyl Japan, PAD20, 1995)
Side-A (performed by citrus)
1. bee song (version more electric)
2. love is brilliant and sad sad word
3. bee song (version more trance electric)
Side-AA (performed by whitney)
1. days
2. actor
she is just being a kid (Rover Rocords, ROV002, 1996)
Side-A (performed by The Silly Pillows)
1. I liked it - what was it?
Side-AA (perfoemed by citrus)
1. she is just being a kid
puff away, something grow in the white (Rover Rocords, ROV009, 1997)
Side-A (performed by citrus)
1. puff away, something grow in the white
Side-AA (performed by whitney)
1. buchede noel
rhythm waves (Trattoria/Polystar, menu.122/PSKR-9103, 1997)
Side-A (performed by papas fritas)
1. hey hey you say
Side-AA (performed by citrus)
1. rhythm waves
colo colo meets the stripes and another world (Crue-L Records, KYTHMAK045, 1998)
1. colo colo meets the stripes
2. another world
1. colo colo meets the instrumental
2. colo colo meets the NANAppella 〜今、俺はマヒしてるmix


citrus plant for little kids (Vinyl Japan, MASKCD44, 1994)
1. cannonball play
2. like a slave
3. 911 KGGI
4. happy head
5. my room is burning
6. bee song
7. citrus plant for little kids
8. double X fan-zin writer
9. teenage fan-zin writer
10. I'm sure you see with your eyes
sings in melodydecorder (Vinyl Japan, TASKCD41, 1995)
1. information spells s.p.y.
2. black van
3. all we did was split our sides
4. who was in my room last night
boat, drive in. (Trattoria/Polystar, menu.79/PSCR-5432, 1996)
1. sunburst in my paintbox
2. cymbal hit!(like my feelin')
3. the word "ATENA" means address in our language
4. big day coming from northwest
jazz the poops (Trattoria/Polystar, menu.136/PSCR-5614, 1997)
1. rhythm waves
2. rockin' cruise
3. everysong landed near by his fire place
4. ghost humming
splash (Trattoria/Polystar, menu.172/PSCR-5731, 1999)
1. ripple in still water
2. a speeding wheel, speedway wheels
3. freestate watch closely
4. tuesday sunday, lazy jazz(featuring INAZZMA★K〜男社会radioactivity絶滅二分前mix)
5. tuesday sunday, lazy jazz
wispy, no mercy (Trattoria/Polystar, menu.199/PSCR-5862, 2000)
1. blue mercedes (simply eternal reality)
2. house coach
3. young fidelity
4. wispy, no mercy
5. your building


i lalala love you
Kahimi Karie の Music Pilot という番組で "no milk" と続けて流された曲だそうですが詳細については不明です(カセットリリースの分かな)。この曲について何か知っている方は是非教えていただければ嬉しいです。