What's New

07 August, 2006
Added the track listing for Legacy (best) to the Discography.
17 November, 2005
Added Japanese translation of Paul's message on his forthcoming solo album and other works on Japanese site.
13 October, 2005
This is not an update at Desperate Icons but you can hear the sound clips of Seraphim, Andy's new band at pauldraper-mansun.co.uk
24 February, 2005
Added Kleptomania Japanese promo cassettes to the Discography.
9 October, 2004
Updated info on Kleptomania and Slipping Away in the Discography. (I'm still waiting for Slipping Away CD promo to arrive.)
Added Paul's interview in NME in the Diary (Japanese).
8 October, 2004
Added Kleptomania review to Mansun Diary. Sorry but it's in Japanese. I just can't express this bitter/sweet feeling in English. I'm also sorry the update of Discography is left undone. I'm busy at the moment to collect every releases from Kleptomania. :-)
14 August, 2004
Added some more info on Kleptomania and Slipping Away in the Discography.
8 August, 2004
Added a picture and track listings to Kleptomania page in the Discography.
18 Junly, 2004
This is not about Mansun but I added an interesting fact in the Lookalike gallery.
14 May, 2004
Added the Japanese translation of Paul's message at mansun.net. Also added Kleptomania page to the Discography.
28 April, 2004
Added Grind site to the Links. This was a band Paul used to sing before Mansun and the site is maintained by keyboardist Steve Heaton. You can listen to invaluable MP3s and even see the videos and photos. Thank you Steve, you're my saviour! (and thank you to Sascha for letting me know.)
25 February, 2004
Long time no update but I added 6 fan photos in the Photo Gallery.
20 October, 2003
Finally a real update! Added Grind (Paul's band before Mansun) to the Discography.
5 October, 2003
I moved the whole Discography and Photo Gallery to a new server which makes you easier to browse, I hope. At least no more nagging ads! Well, sorry about the popup of sound.jp but it only appears once.
There's no updates and some of the links still may not work, but I'll add new stuff soon!
17 August, 2003
Sorry for a long absence of updates but I haven't give up updating this site because I'm still collecting anything related to them. :-)
However I decided to launch a new personal site and move non-Mansun stuff there. If you are a record collector, please visit Flourella Website. I couldn't help using this name, though I know there are lots of Flourellas on the web. :-D But I'm using this name for years and I didn't want to call it Junko's Website. :-)
09 April, 2003
Added a Desperate Icons wallpaper to the Mansun Art Gallery / Photo Gallery.
07 April, 2003
Added 2 bootlegs to the Discography.
January 10, 2003
Happy new year everyone! Update at last!
I'm still collecting rare Mansun stuff and I've got hold of this very unique Chinese pirate CD. Just look at the Discography.
20 November, 2002
Updated My Other Collection / Collectors Corner, though they are still under endless construction.
29 October, 2002
Today I have a big update in the Discography. Skin Up Pin Up promo cassette & promo CD-R for Japanese Six album! Thanks to Charlotte.
26 October, 2002
Added a Attack Of The Grey Lantern / Little Kix double CD pack to the Discography. But what's the point of this release??
08 October, 2002
Added to a link to The Music official site, my recent favourite.
23 September, 2002
Although non-Japanese visitors may not notice, I'm still updating this site everyday. I've also added an excellent Japanese Coldplay site to the Links and Canadian Grey Lantern CD to the Discography. Oh, by the way, if you haven't heard Puressence new album "Planet Helpless", YOU SHOULD TRY. They are my favourite band...er...until Mansun releases new material.
12 July, 2002
Added a Japanese promo cassette to the Discography.
25 June, 2002
Added a fine 1998 picture from Dutch magazine "Oor"  to Mansun 1998  / Photo Gallery, thanks to Tom.
21 June, 2002
England defeated! Oh NO!!!
12 June, 2002
Added a flyer from May gig to the Item Gallery / Photo Gallery.
7 June, 2002
Yippee!!! England have beaten Argentina!
Again, Kaz donated a wonderful picture for the homepage.
20 May, 2002
Added Japanese homepage.
17 May, 2002
Added 5 Desperate Icons desktop wallpapers to Mansun Art Gallery / Photo Gallery.
15 May, 2002
Added new cartoons by Kaz to Mansun Art Gallery / Photo Gallery.
14 May, 2002
Added photos of a 1998 flyer and a promo shirt to the Photo Gallery.
10 May, 2002
Added the Mansun Art Gallery / Photo Gallery.
06 May, 2002
Added a promo card for Hong Kong 1999 and a set list from Tokyo 2000 to the Item Gallery (Prints) / Photo Gallery.
23 April, 2002
Added 4 Korean CDs & cassettes to the Discography.
This is no Mansun related, but I've updated My Other Collction / Collectors Corner and added the Smiths and Nine Inch Nails pages.
20 April, 2002
Added a promo compilation to the Discography.
16 April, 2002
Added a picture to the Beware of Imitations / Photo Gallery.
01 April, 2002
Happy Easter everyone! Added two more photos to the Photo Gallery. One in Mansun Lookalikes Part3 and others in Mansun Lookalikes Part4.
31 March, 2002
Rotated the Sound Gallery. This Month feature is EMF, in memory of Zac Foley.
07 March, 2002
Fixed some broken links in the Photo Gallery.
06 March, 2002
Added a new page to Mansun Lookalikes /  Photo Gallery. Sim Mansun!
03 March, 2002
Added the first ever Japanese lookalike to Mansun Lookalikes page2 / Photo Gallery.
26 February, 2002
Fixed the Photo Gallery index. I've got a lot more stuff to add. Please watch the updates. Also don't forget submitting pictures!
Overhauled the Site Map.
25 February, 2002
I've added these beatiful live pictures at Metropolis Festival, 1999, thanks to Tom. But again due to stupid Tripod, Photo Gallery index page has gone. I'll fix it in a couple of days. Till then try this link.
13 February, 2002
Added a new page "Set Lists" to Mansun Item Gallery (Prints) / Photo Gallery.
Added two CD-R promos to Discography.
10 February, 2002
Added 3 live photos from 1997 tour to "Fan Shots", thanks to Shizu.
3 February, 2002
Added a new page to the Photo Gallery, "Fan Shots". Well, there are only two pictures, but they are brilliant. And it's up to you to make this page big! Again, if you've got the Mansun pictures you've taken, please  send me scans or prints!
29 January, 2002
I'm terribly sorry but due to a error of stupid Tripod, The Photo Gallery index page has gone! I can't access the server at the moment but I'll fix it as soon as I can.
However you can see the preview of a new page here. And I need more photos. If you've got the Mansun pictures you've taken, please  send me scans or prints!
03 January, 2002
Just a minor update but I added some info to the Discogprahy. Thanks to Brian, my copy of "Wide Open Space" Masterpiece Mastering 12" (in "Legacy" section) turned out to be the real original master!
25 December, 2001
Added Muse and Travis to My Other Collection / Collectors Corner
17 December, 2001
I'm terribly sorry but Strangelove Records has moved again! I just hope this will be the permanent address. So please change your bookmark and links.
10 December, 2001
A new MP3 in the Sound Gallery. "Last Christmas" sung by James Dean Bradfield!
09 December, 2001
Added two compilations to the Discography.
15 November, 2001
Added Japan Only EP promo cassette to the Discography, thanks to Kimihito.
10 November, 2001
Added a compilation CD to the Discography.
18 October, 2001
I moved at last! Please don't forget to change your links and bookmarks to http://sound.jp/mansun
13 October, 2001
Added Six US CD in small letters (?) to the Discography. Actually I have no idea what it is. Please mail me if you've got any info about it.