First of all, I'd like to thank everyone who has visited this site so far.
And to all the webmasters who have linked to me.
I also like to express my deepest respect and appreciation to the great record collectors, sellers, webmasters, Mansun fans and friends who have helped me a lot with my site and my collection.
Gary (UK), Su (Japan), Kel (UK), Lisa (UK), Chris (UK), Frank (USA), Roberto (Italy), Sander (Netherlands), Norbert (Austria), Marty (USA), Paul Callis-Smith (UK), Mr Terashima at Cubic Records (Japan), Tomo (Japan), Kuo (Taiwan), Greg & Rod Clarkson (UK), Claire (UK), Ethan (USA), Etsuko (Japan), Koji (Japan), Rose (UK),  Matt from Been Here Before website (UK), Seung-Jun (South Korea), Karl (UK), Tom (Netherlands), Hazuki (Japan), Kimihito (Japan), Rui (Japan), Mr Yamamoto at REC, Daniel (Sweden), Jessica (UK), Kevin from the Unofficial Shed Seven Website (USA), Etsuyo (Japan), Brian (Australia), Kaz from Jack The Stripper (Japan), Jeffrey (Hong Kong), Charlotte (UK), Mr Funayama (Japan)
And all the people who have parted with their precious collection for me.
I also thank my friends for their encouragement and support.
Seri, Miki, Kayoko, Derek, Darren, Kikuko, Jerry, Davyd, Dave C, Yuko, Jeff, Kay
And of course to Paul, Chad, Stove and Andie for creating such a great music and making my life full and livable.
Love and a bunch of blue roses,
Junko xxx