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Grind Thought / The Dying Man

Whats In It For Me Records, 1991
12" Side A Thought
Side B The Dying Man


Believe or not, this is a rare recording of Paul Draper before Mansun! Grind were: Steve Heaton, keyboards, programming, Paul Draper, vocals, guitar and Carlton Hibbert (off and on) drums, percussion.
I won this 12" at eBay. Actually, I lost the bid but the seller Ian had a duplicate. He says he knew Paul when he was in this band.
Before you ask, no, I can't make a CD-R copy nor MP3 of this record for various reasons, you know. But you can listen to MP3s of demos and lost tracks at Steve Heaton's Grind site.
All I can say is Paul sounds exactly like Mansun! Just imagine "Little Kix" song on gound beat. Sounds a bit like "I Can't Only Disappoint You Oakenfold mix" only much better! I just couldn't believe Paul sounded so mature, so skillful in such early days. His divine voice and melodious tune haven't changed a bit. What a talented little broke he was!
Ian kindly sent me Grind live pix for "private use". I'll show you one secretly here. So don't tell him! ;-)