Talking Seriously about Japanese Music

I'm a "fetishist of sound". But it doesn't mean that I'm able to get sexual ecstasy from a sound.
When I listen to a good sound, my heart aches just like when I was in first love.
However, it's really rare that I feel the kind of heartache, and that's why I call myself "fetishist of sound".
Basically, I like a popular sound. However, when it doesn't include originality, the sound is not good enough for me... since it sounds copied someone else's one.
Well, when a sound has plenty of originality, is the sound good enough?
The answer is NO. Surplus originality just becomes a "noise".
So, what is the GOOD SOUND?

"Breathing Sound"

That's the keyword.
I put the sentence "The sound is breathing in my soul" as a subtitle of this site, it is not too much to say that's my opinion about the sound.
"Breathing sound" exists in any kinds of GOOD music.
Sometimes, a sound is heard just like breathing by itself in an excellent SONG, even if Classical music, Jazz, Country, EN-KA (a kind of Japanese traditional popular music).
And the breath of the sound is conveyed to the listener's soul.
People find out their own "Breathing sound", based on their own sense.
The important point is "based on their own sense".
In Japan, popular kind of music is R&B, Indies, techno, Hip-Hop, visualized rock (member of the band makeup), etc.
Music -popular in Japan now- certainly sounds nice, but how about its originality?
Unfortunately, most of them have less originality.

One reporter asked an American musician,
"How is Japanese music?"
The answer is,
"It's good. But feels like I've listened to the same sound somewhere."
He just pointed out Japanese music's lack of originality.
Most of every kind of Japanese popular music (R&B, techno, Indies...) are copied from old popular music in other countries.
Is it ever good enough? Are you satisfied with that copied music?

I don't mean that learning from the good point of foreign music (not Japanese one) is bad, but what do you think if it becomes "indigestible" because the music was learnt from foreign ones?
Just like extra copy of photo...they're no originality in the music.
(It is no joke that Japanese Middle Ages say, "They seem like a same song", altogether.)
I guess that record companies consider, "If it was profitable, we just sell similar song."
People buy CD just because the song is popular.
Besides, artists disappear who is trying their new, ORIGINAL, UNIQUE music.
This is the fact of Japanese music scene.

I might be said by some people "You just like foreign music, don't you?"
Certainly, most of my favorite music are foreign ones. But that is the result of trying to find my favorite sound, by which I was attracted, by myself.
And I DO know there are excellent Japanese music when it's filled up with copied music.
Most important point is the listener's thought.
We ourselves should find our own "Breathing Sound", imitation music will decrease, and then Japanese music will be better.

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