Listen out the "MIKAZUKI"!! -MIKAZUKI In Rock-

Do you know there was a thing called a "MIKAZUKI project" late in 2000?
The special-effects TV program "TEKKO-KI MIKAZUKI" was broadcast in the midnight (the time zone was super-deep) from the second half of 2000 to March, 2001 by the announcement "the last special-effects TV program of the 20th century."

It seems that the cast was fairly gorgeous, although I was not watching the program.
The original became novels and is put on the market from the Kadokawa sneaker library.
As to this MIKAZUKI project, it is a thing with really COOL music!
A unit called a "MIKAZUKI TEKKO-DAN" was formed for this project.
Hatake (G) etc. has participated from Japan. And there is the participating group from overseas -- such as Don Dokken (Vo.), Paul Gilbert (G), and Richie Kotzen (G) --very famous Rock Artists!
They'd loved Japanese special-effects TV programs, and were eager to participate to that project.
They were not figurehead guest paticipant who sees occasionally.
It was exciting!
They were pleased with wear the costume of MIKAZUKI, anyway.... :)

A sound track CD called "MIKAZUKI IN ROCK" was sold to 2000 ends of the year, that was all recorded newly.
And the quality of sound is really GOOD.
A guitar play is so and vocal is also COOL!

It was needless worries that if famous artists formed a unit, sometimes they vying with each other's Ego, and was expected after all was not made. 'Cause the leading role is "MIKAZUKI". :)

I especially love the song called "Cresent Moon" (which was opening song of "MIKAZUKI").
Don Dokken's loud-shout was so COOL, and also Paul Girbert's super-guiter play is!
The COOL sounds shot through my soul!
Because it exists as a sound track, the songs were mixed variously not only HR/HM songs.

To the first limited edition, A figure of "MIKAZUKI" was attached.
Well, anyway... If you love HR/HM soungs, listen out the "MIKAZUKI"!!!

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