Biwa Circle Bishamon


Concert Info

   3/17 15:30 March Concert
     @Waseda University students hall B101

What is Bishamon?

   Bishamon is the only student-centered biwa club in Japan. It was established in 2000. All members began playing biwa after they entered university. We hold a concert three times a year, and perform variety of pieces ranging from classics to original tunes.

What is Biwa?

   Biwa is a string instrument that originated in the Middle East. Its strings are made of silk. It is said to have reached Japan in 7~8th Century. Japanese biwa is characterized by how it is played. The main way to play it is to hit the string with a wooden plectrum called bachi. It is famous for accompanying The Tale of the Heike. There are several types of Japanese biwa. The one we play is Tsuruta style of Satsuma biwa. Satsuma biwa's bachi is especially big, which makes its sound strong and solemn.


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